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Eve Woods, CPCC

People ask me what I do for work and I tell them “I change people’s lives.” It is an instant conversation starter. Bottom line: I work with high performers looking for rich and fulfilling careers.

Every class I teach and every coaching and training session I conduct, I help people realize what their true potential is and how awesome they all are. Nothing is more satisfying than showing clients that they can do something that they thought was not possible. I think the reason I am so passionate about this is because as a child I was limited to what I was allowed to do. I love my parents dearly, however, they were always very overprotective of me and insisted that schoolwork come first and that there was no time or room for fun or sports. I guess that’s why I picked up athletics later in life and to this day continue to try new things and believe that I can do anything if I want it bad enough; whether it’s competing in rock climbing, Ultimate Frisbee, bobsleigh or Olympic weightlifting, I can do it if I want it bad enough.

After over a dozen years in oil and gas and thinking that money was success, I quit and decided to go back to school to study nutrition. With the financial gains of working a big oil job came the stress that my body was not willing to handle so I had to make a lifestyle change. I became a certified Holistic Nutritionist and along the way was training competitively for Ultimate Frisbee. My strength coach had so much faith in me as an  athlete and as a natural leader that he mentored me to become a sports conditioning coach which led me to where I am today, training high level athletes and weekend warriors and people who just want to be able to chase after their grand kids. I have a truly diverse group of clients and they each teach me something new about myself every day and I love them all. My personal growth journey continued, and I have expanded my practice with Empowerment & Leadership Coaching. I am Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). My holistic practice has grown to include the mindset element to create a triumphant life.

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