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Holistic Coaching
for Courageous Souls

“We are integrated people. It’s a mistake to think we can neglect any area of our lives without it impacting our overall well-being and joy. Challenging individual growth in each of the four pillars of health lights the path to achieving wholeness. You should also have a ridiculously good time while you do the extraordinary work of embracing yourself.


Eve Izewski, PCC, C.H.N.C.

Authenticity Guide & Transformation Activist

Because I know what it's like when fitting in feels wrong.

At what point do we stop being afraid of who we really are and call upon the courage to stand in our authenticity and be brave and proud to be uncommon? I lived most of my life trying to fit in because everyone and everything around me was telling me that was what I needed to do. But who really gets to decide?

I DO, and so do YOU!

I spent the better part of 3 decades taming the voice in my head that said, “Am I the only one that sees this?” I’m uncommon, I’m an outlier, I am different, and for that very reason, I belong! No one gets to decide if I fit in or not. That power belongs to me.

What I want for you is to embrace your untamed self and live your life with love, authenticity, and vulnerability. Let’s start with self-acceptance and see how beautiful you are and everything you have to offer the world. You get to create the life you want.

I work with people who are tired of trying to fit in and want to feel like they belong, feel empowered to step into their authentic truth with confidence so they can live a happy and fulfilling life. These uncommon thinkers are ready to take full responsibility for their health and well-being. I support them with designed-for-you coaching to create a holistic lifestyle realignment so they can maintain a physically and emotionally resilient life and live fully untamed!

Be brave wild one… you belong!

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Be Free. Be You. Belong.

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