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Be Free. Be You. Belong.

Uncommon Coaching for Uncommon Thinkers

 know who you really are

own your uniqueness

 belong with confidence

Is it getting hot in here, or am I just having an awakening?

There’s something freeing about realizing you see life through a unique lens. But this inner shift creates friction because you:

  • struggle to fit-in when your views seem against the grain.

  • feel stuck in relationships or a career that no longer fulfills you.

  • are burnt-out enough to shake up your priorities, including your physical well-being.

  • need a way to process your evolution and understand yourself more deeply.

Your True Self is not up for negotiation.

Embrace who you are and turn tension into traction!

Before we challenge & connect to the world, we need to challenge & connect to ourselves.

FRESH Program Coming Fall 2023!

"Untamed & Thriving"

Get what you want without giving up who you are.

A Designed-for-You Coaching Experience

(no, really, designed just for YOU!)

  • 4 Months of 1:1 Coaching.

  • A personalized plan to meet your goals and honour your truth.

  • A safe space for intensive focus on self-development.

  • A no B.S. client-coach dynamic steeped in love and compassion.

A customized growth experience drawing from multiple modalities to get you where you want to go:


*starting at $6000

FRESH Program Coming in 2024!

"Getting Right Down to the Root of it!"

Soil Health and its Relationship to Human Health

6 Week Online Group Program

​Learn about:

  • The connection between soil microbiome and gut microbiome.

  • The importance of natural farming, native seeds, and composting.

  • How to build community through eating locally. 

  • How reconnecting with nature makes an impact.

Understand the connection between soil health and human health.


Looking for something even more different? (Classic disrupter :-)  Let’s talk!

Hello, Wild One - I’m Eve.

Every day I talk to people tired of the constant friction between who they feel they are and who “the world” (from the media to the mother-in-law) says they should be. My heart breaks over that very real, exhausting battle because I was trapped in a reality that I could no longer stomach. (Literally. Ask me about my gut issues.)


So, friend, I know how much courage it takes to stand firm in who you are.

I know how hard it is to move beyond that tension. But I can tell you that living on your own terms is possible because I’ve done it. I’ve made the right, hard choice to rearrange my reality because my integrity, my wholeness and my health were worth it. And now, through Wild Soul Coaching, I guide people to take control of their wholeness so they, too, can thrive as authentic, uncommon humans.


So if you are…


  • tired of holding back

  • committed to the messy process of clarifying your truth

  • ready to do the hard, right thing - even if just for yourself


… let’s harness your gumption, moxie or chutzpah and use that friction for traction so you can grow, belong and thrive.

Eve xo

Hungry for a Different Coaching Concept?

A Holistic Approach to support each of the 4 Pillars of Health

  • Physical - how we nourish ourselves through food, sleep, movement

  • Emotional - how we create connection and nurture relationships with ourselves and others

  • Mental - how we support and strengthen our mind to manage stress

  • Spiritual - how we move forward with authenticity into our purpose, who we are, and creating meaning in our lives

circles spun-01.png

My promise to you:

You’ll be safely stretched (but never strangled) in a custom program that honours your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual priorities.

eve with board extended b.png

Let's make it easy for disrupters to unleash their brilliance!


Let’s get to know each other. I want to hear your story, understand your goals and ensure we’re a good fit. Let’s discover our chemistry, baby!


Design Your Program

We’ll collaborate and develop a creative, integrated coaching plan to help you reach your goals. Your program is built specifically for you and delivered with the utmost respect and kindness. (Also, brace yourself - we’ll have so much fun throughout the nitty-gritty process.)


Embrace Your Essence

Getting there requires courage. But before you know it, the areas that once seemed a bit scary to embrace can become the places you stand most firmly, deeply authentically, and at peace within yourself.

“Understanding that you belong even when

you don’t fit in is the key to thriving.

Everyone deserves to belong.”

Eve Izewski, Professional Certified Coach

__Yellow Fireweed.png

Been thinking about getting off the hamster wheel

for a hot minute?

All any of us want is to confidently be our true selves. But when you see things differently from everyone else, being authentic at work and in life can feel risky. We can spend years tempering who we are to keep from rocking the boat, leaving us stuck in a misaligned story. But I'm here to tell you that you deserve to belong - even if you don't fit into society's neat little boxes. 


I've been where you are - holding back so I would fit in and then paying an internal price for neglecting my authenticity. When I developed the confidence to belong - just as I was - I finally experienced wholeness and health. Today, I guide other disruptors as they align all aspects of their being and embrace wholeness. We collaborate to design and activate a custom growth plan using multiple modalities, from nutrition to emotional intelligence to energy work. Each program is built for only one user (You!), honouring your goals and interests.


Ready to get weirder? (In the very best way!)

Here's how:

Step 1: Reach Out – I want to hear your story

Step 2: Design a Plan – Together, we'll brainstorm and use various methods to help you find clarity and go after what you want in life.

Step 3: Feel the Power of Belonging – Embrace a rich, authentic life where you are your true self and feel a genuine sense of connection.


So book a call, and let's chat about what's happening in your world. You can stop feeling restless and longing for more in your life. I'm not going to sugarcoat it - things will get messy and uncomfortable - but I'll bet you're no stranger to discomfort. After all, developing confident roots starts with digging deep into your truth. Let’s get wild.

Kind Words from Triumphant Trailblazers

“Working with Eve began in the capacity of Executive Coaching and quickly evolved into so much more, simply because she has so much to offer her clients. There are two things about Eve really stand out to me:


The first is her intuitive nature which really helped identify the best path forward and identify opportunities for growth. 


The second is her flexibility. I was very pleased to know that each time we met, there was no predetermined agenda that we had to follow. That style of rigid and structured coaching simply doesn’t work for me. 


Not only was I able to learn and grow in a professional capacity which is what first brought me to Eve, but I quickly learned just how much overlap there is in all areas of my life and the importance of cultivating patience, understanding and balance in all of my relationships. I couldn’t be happier with the time spent with Eve and enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking for measurable and tangible improvements.”

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