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Achieve Your Goals with Mental Fitness

Goals. Targets. Resolutions. We’ve all used these tactics both in our personal lives and professionally. I want to lose 10 lbs. I want to exceed my sales targets by 20% next quarter. Most of the time these types of goals are outcome based. An outcome-based goal focuses on the results, which usually only allows us one opportunity to be right once the goal is attained. If I lose 10 lbs, then I’ll be happy. If I exceed my sales targets, then I’ll be successful. So, what happens when the goal is not met? Well, every time you step on the scale and you haven’t lost 10 lbs yet, you may feel deflated, not good enough, fat, useless, etc. What if we turned that outcome-based goal into a behaviour-based goal and we could be happy and feel successful every day?

A behaviour-based goal would sound more like this: I am going to exercise 3 times a week; I am going to contact 3 new leads a week to grow my sales. A behavior-based goal allows you to focus on how you are going to behave to lead you to the results you are seeking.

Setting outcome-based goals can keep us stuck in the perspective where we find faults with what is happening in our lives. We’ve all done this before where we say “I’ll be happy when (fill in the blank)” I’ll be happy when I graduate. I’ll be happy when I get a job. I’ll be happy when I get married. I’ll be happy when I buy a house. I’ll be happy when I lose 10 lbs. And the list goes on and on and we never end up being happy. Happiness is not outcome based. Happiness doesn’t come from our results. True happiness comes when we honor our values and life becomes fulfilling.

Behaviour-based goals that are connected to our values, what is important to us, what we believe in, these are the goals that can help us increase our level of happiness. Let’s take it one step further. What if we adopted a positive perspective that says every event or circumstance can be turned into a gift or opportunity? Yes, every event, every circumstance, every outcome! So, no matter what your goals are and what the results are, you can attain happiness. How is this possible? Frankly, it’s simple but it’s not easy.

It comes down to our mental fitness. Mental fitness is our capacity to respond to life’s challenges with a positive rather than negative mindset. Think of the limitless possibilities that exist if we reframed the way we see the world.

When setting your goals, ask yourself what is really important about this to me? And as you’re exploring, ask yourself, how can I improve my mental fitness by adopting a positive perspective no matter what my goals are? That is a goal in and of itself.

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