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Goals Check In

Here we are, it’s now February. If you read my blog from last month, you perhaps revised some of your outcome-based goals and created behaviour-based goals. If you happened to miss that blog, you can go back and look for ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS WITH MENTAL FITNESS. Where are you now? Not physically. Where are you with your goals? And you can’t say “I’m good”. Are you on track, behind, forgotten all about them? Or perhaps you’ve done some more revising. What I’m curious about is what are you learning?

To be frank, I don’t care what your goals are. I want to dive deeper into what is important to you and what you’ve learned about the decisions you’ve chosen to make. If you’ve completely abandoned your goals, GREAT! I’m curious what led you to that decision because you have made a conscious choice, and that is important. You always have a choice, and knowing what is important to you and that you can always choose something else, is where the power lies. Perhaps the goals you created at the start of the year no longer serve you. Wonderful! What’s important now?

You are the creator of your own narrative, the author of your own story, and that story is your life. You get to choose and make it all up. Yes, that’s right, you get to create it! One of my favorite quotes is by Henry Ford “Whether you think you can do a thing or you think you can’t do a thing, YOU’RE RIGHT!” Read that again “Whether you think you can do a thing or you think you can’t do a thing, YOU’RE RIGHT!” This is powerful stuff.

The work I do with Mental Fitness dives deeper into the power of positive thinking. How many times do you judge something or someone to be good or bad throughout the course of a day? And how many times do you choose the bad version over the good version? What if I told you whichever you believe becomes true? You may think I’m crazy and there you go judging again. What if you chose the perspective that every event and circumstance can be converted into a gift or opportunity?

So, you set some goals at the beginning of the year and now here we are, and you’ve lost your focus. This is a gift! What have you learned about yourself? What knowledge have you gained that will serve you in the future? Look at this with blameless discernment instead of judging yourself. Remember that thing I said above about having a choice? You get to choose! If you’re going to choose and make it up, why not make up something juicy and amazing? Those goals you created, maybe now you want a different outcome. Yay to dancing in this moment. Yay to choosing. Yay to finding the learning and the gift. And yay to choosing what serves you.

Be well,

Eve xo

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